Best Ideas for Cold Sales Email Subject Lines:’s Cold Subject Line Generator 


The first text line someone reads when they get your email is the subject line, commonly referred to as the email headline. It is a short piece of text you use to draw the recipient’s attention and encourage them to open your email. On average, 65% of cold emails never get opened by the recipient because of their poorly phrased, misleading, or otherwise flawed subject lines. 

4 Best Subject Line Examples that Can Get Your Sales Email Opened

Writing a perfect subject line for a cold sales email is challenging because you need to balance relatability and selling just right. Here are four good examples of what a compelling cold sales email subject line can be: 

  •  “You only have two choices…”

Introduce a gaming aspect into your cold email subject by giving people different choices based on which your interaction with them will proceed. Such a move makes recipients interested to continue reading to learn more about the options you are offering them. 

  • “The reason you cannot [a problem that needs solving] is…”

This subject line serves to build credibility for your brand. It shows the reader that you have taken the time to research their business domain and learn about the challenges their company experiences. Moreover, it implies that, upon opening the email, they will find a solution inside. 

  • “Save up to $20/month for the rest of your life…”

This line is designed to appeal mainly to bargain shoppers (which is almost all of us!) While there is no guarantee that the recipient will find your savings promise as beneficial as you want it to be, it is powerful enough to motivate them to open the email and read on.

  • “How about we help you make your life 20% easier?”

It is a catchy subject line that works well for sales emails advertising products/services that can improve accuracy, efficiency, or productivity. By opening your email in such a way, you help the reader immediately concentrate on the value you offer.

If you do not have the skills, creativity, or time to create a subject line that speaks to the reader’s unique interests, needs, and pain points, consider entrusting this job to an advanced Cold Email Subject Line Generator tool by – It is free and easy to use and will help put your subject line writing routine on the right track.