Starting a Cosmetics Company? 6 Innovative Packaging Ideas


The cosmetics industry is one of the most competitive sectors in the world. Numerous newcomers, along with various established names, are struggling for market share within a particular niche. While the main product is the selling point, many people go off of the packaging. In a large aisle, there might not be enough time for reviews, and a potential buyer might opt for a product that looks the most familiar or engaging to them.

Aesthetics are a major consideration for cosmetics companies, and the packaging is no exception. Here are 6 major ideas for innovative packaging for your cosmetic products, which might require professional design services.

Focusing on Brand Identity

While some people have a clear idea about their company’s brand identity, others require a lot more homework about the whole aspect. Companies often work with brand identity design services to help them figure out these aspects without unnecessary trial and error. One of the first questions is to figure out what you’re selling.

What you sell is going to set a foundation for how you’re going to sell it, and many of the additional aspects are better understood this way. Is it strictly for women? Are you limited to only makeup, or do you have haircare products? Do you have a combination of different cosmetics? All of this is important as it helps you differentiate yourself from the crowd, creating an identity that is instantly recognizable and will give the viewer an idea of what you’re like as a brand.

Detailed Line Drawings

Brands often want to go for a design that doesn’t always come off as feminine but maintains a sense of grace and elegance. That’s where detailed line drawings are a great option for cosmetics packaging. Generally, companies like to design all kinds of shapes and figures with detailed lines, but floral patterns are the most commonly opted-for shapes.

Suppose your product contains cocoa, so implementation would be to draw a cocoa bean on the front in a cute, detailed line drawing to let the reader know what it’s all about. Logo design services will be particularly handy with this kind of project.

Using Custom Fonts

Only designers are fully aware of the depth of what a font brings to the table. Not only does it give the viewer an idea of what the product is about, but the brand, in general, gets a detailed representation. Some companies maintain their reputation as a luxury or professional brand and opt for strong, serif fonts.

Other companies take pride in their playful, fun nature and opt for some quirky, flashier fonts to connect with their audience in a better manner. Bold fonts are particularly in fashion, as they are prominent and stand out more on a shelf.

Interesting Patterns

Another trend that’s great for giving prominence and some character to your packaging is to use different patterns on the products. From eccentric color combinations, patterns and shapes, it’s a great way of giving some definition to your product packaging.

One of the best things about this trend is that it’s not limited to any particular brand. Whether you’re a high-end fashion brand or a small, community-driven outlet, you can incorporate these with the right colors and designs. They’re a great way of covering up whitespace and how to give your products a unique identity, which graphic designers can set up for you.

Modern Minimalist Pastels

Pastel colors and minimalism are trends that have coexisted, and recently they’re coming together. Their combination allows for a clean-looking design thanks to the minimalist approach, with the addition of pastel colors giving the package a personality and differentiating one box from another. If you’ve got one product, it’s recommended that you try out a variety of colors to see which one fits. For a diverse lineup, you can come up with a palette for separating options from one another.

Minimalist branding on product.

Whether you’re a high-end brand or someone targeting a broader demographic, these designs can be incorporated easily within your packaging style.

Sticking To Monochrome

Black and white cosmetics packaging never ceases to go out of style. Even though minimalist designs are popping off, which has made white the predominant option, black is coming back in style. These designs subtly include a bit of color to differentiate elements, but the dark tone gives off an aura of mystique and coolness.

Monochrome packaging.

Rest assured, your products will be more noticeable on any shelf in these colors, and the packaging will become synonymous with your brand. Furthermore, they’ll hardly go out of style.


While the packaging is an effective tool for the customer to fully understand what a product is selling and what the brand is about, it’s equally complicated because the packaging has to be done right. It’s recommended that companies work with industry professionals and graphics design services for the job.

Not only does it allow the business to connect with its customers in a better fashion, but it also allows the product to be distinctly viewed among an ocean of other alternatives. It’s smart to put time into it as it’s an element that stays constant and shouldn’t be redesigned so often.