Stratis Morfogen talks about how the hospitality industry can benefit from new technologies


In a recent interview, Stratis Morfogen, who came up with the Brooklyn Dumpling Shop and other unique restaurant ideas, talked about how the restaurant uses cutting-edge technology and how important it is to shake up the hospitality industry.

Ignore the status quo! Stratis Morfogen says he has always been a problem for the people around him. He was raised by a father who was never happy with the way things were, and he tries to be the same way.

The logo of the business from which he gave so much was printed on the bag he used to carry the gift, so the people who got it could easily find it. Stratis Morfogen didn’t care about the ideas on GoFundMe because he’s not the type to brag about how nice he is. But he did need help from the owners of other restaurants to feed almost 9,000 service workers.

Often, new chances come about because of changes in the way things are. Morfogen jumped at the chance to keep doing things the way he always did, which was to be creative and find new ways to help his customers.

The chefs at Brooklyn Dumpling House took a popular item from the menu of the well-known Brooklyn Chophouse and changed it in a way that was easier for customers to understand. New technology has been added to the Automat at Brooklyn Dumpling House, which will help the restaurant serve its customers better and faster.

Stratis Morfogen spent a lot of time and energy looking into the past of the Automat to find out why it died. He knew that there was no technology involved and that no one was there at any time during the transaction.

Since the beginning, Morfogen has put both new technology and great customer service at the top of its list of priorities.

The businessman told his peers as early as 1997 how important it was to have a strong online presence. Since then, many of them have gone out of business or filed for bankruptcy, which is bad for him. He calls this time period the “TikTok generation,” and it brings with it a new set of digital traits that businesses need to look into and fully adopt if they want to stay competitive in today’s global economy.

Stratis Morfogen has followed this line of thought. He has opened an NFT Lounge in the Brooklyn Chop House. Members of the exclusive lounge can buy the things they can use on a sliding scale. The first rollout is just the start of how he plans to use the metaverse for his business.

No matter how advanced the technology is, the most important thing in the hotel business is to give guests great service. The town of Morfogen is known for having a friendly atmosphere in all of the areas around it. When he first started doing business online, he made it his goal to give each and every one of his customers a unique experience they would never forget.

Stratis Morfogen can be found working on testimonials as late as 3 a.m., making changes as needed and sometimes even taking client calls on his own cell. This problem has been going on for the past 25 years.