What Are the Key Trends in This Fast-Evolving Video Wall Market?


The growth of the video walls market is accelerating and now you can find more options, and features, than ever before. There are many flexible and cost-effective solutions emerging for and the list of various important considerations looks endless. 

Dynamo LED Displays in the UK and Dubai manufactures a LED screen and video wall and nowadays are in great demand. Because of the worldwide digital transformation, there is a huge data and content that are produced and used.

This growth is fuelling the requirement for large-scale visualization. While during the early years, mainly the large size indoor video walls were used in various control rooms for monitoring and managing critical infrastructure and various security operations.

However, due to technology advancements and also cost evolutions the usage of a LED video wall has expanded into a greater range of applications. Keeping in view of that a new trend is coming out in this segment of the market.

  • Focus on total solutions for visualization

In the recent years, the focus of the customers has changed. Earlier the discussion were mainly focused on technical specifications, e.g. resolution and brightness levels. 

Now the focus has shifted about business objectives and what solutions can really help us to achieve them as there are LCD, LED, and projection options available. So, people are now looking for a total solution that includes installation, operation, and servicing, etc.

  • Multi-functional and multi-purpose

In the past, the applications of video wall were very specific and all contents shown was quite static, but today video walls can be multi-functional and multi-purpose having dynamic content. 

For instance, visualization in lobbies was mainly for branding, sharing company information, welcoming visitors, and also informing employees. Now it is a situation-dependent mission and needs a very large variety of sources of content.

  • Evolving market needs

Considering the market requirements for indoor video walls, there is a shift in needs from pixel-to-pixel pitches, resolution, brightness levels has moved towards reliable, predictable, and worry-free installation, smooth operation, and less maintenance. 

Video wall solutions of today achieve improvement in both viewing experience and also ROI expectations.

  • High-volume LCD

Depending on various technology options available today, such as LCD, LED video walls, and projection, the focus is now different for further evolution. 

Today, about 65% of the video wall for indoor use LCD technology, which is a more affordable solution in high volumes. Ongoing investment in LCD will further optimize our viewing experience by dropping the impact and improve the wall uniformity and ease installation and maintenance. 

  • High-growth LED

For a seamless video wall, the highest video walls growth exists for LED technology, with significant technology investments taking place to further reduce the cost, ease installation complexity/robustness, improve long-term serviceability, and also optimize image quality. 

So, it is expected that mainly LCD and LED will be driving for more adoption for indoor video wall use.

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