How to View Instagram Stories Without an Account


Nowadays it’s surprising to hear when someone doesn’t have an Instagram account. However, anyone who is reluctant to use this social network knows what Instagram Stories are. can’t miss, you’re probably wondering if there are ways to watch it without having to create an Instagram account.

Use third party software to view Instagram stories without account

You’ve noticed that someone you care about has published a story and you want to check it out as soon as possible. Since the person who posted the story can see who opened it, they don’t want to ask their friends for help. When you try to go to the Instagram website you only see the option to create an account and there is no solution to access the feed.

Can you view IG posts and stories from private accounts?

You may be wondering if it is possible to view private Instagram posts and stories. Without following them ? The clear answer is “NO”. There is no way to see their posts and stories without following them. Instagram has a strict privacy policy that prevents you from viewing private accounts. There are many articles on the Internet that claim that you can view posts and stories from private accounts. You are clearly WRONG and will waste your time. for filling out surveys, but they end up giving you nothing. So please don’t get into these things.

How can I view Instagram posts and stories without an account?

A person you love just uploaded a story and you want to see it as soon as possible and don’t use Instagram. You don’t want to ask your friends for help because the person who posted the story can see who opened it. The Instagram website only allows you to register one account, and without it you cannot view the feed do so. To help you,

This is probably the instagram story viewer to view Instagram stories without account and without knowing the person. .Just add the person’s username without adding “@” and click the arrow icon to continue. You can see all Instagram stories of the person only if the user has categories or added them in Featured Stories section.This website allows you to view anyone’s Instagram story without signing up. Besides, you can also download Instagram story without account. This is without a doubt the easiest way to view someone’s Instagram story. Sounds like a great tool unless you know what the catch is. Unfortunately, while the tool is awesome, users can only view the profiles that have public viewing enabled for their Instagram profile. Unfortunately, this means you can’t view an Instagram profile if it’s blocked or private.