Top Web Design Tips

Website Homepage Responsive Design Ideas Concept

Sooner or later, most business owners decide to advertise their presence in the online environment and, if so, must contact a reputable web design agency or a person who provides freelancing services. Nowadays, all kinds of companies offer the same services or products. What sets them apart is their website and how they are marketed. That’s why it makes sense to invest in designing professional websites. 

Restrict the use of flash 

Although without a doubt, Flash had a place in web design, these days it should be used sparingly when creating a website. Even if your visitors have updated flash browser capabilities, it will increase the download time of your site. Besides, Flash is not yet accessible to search engines, which means it can only hinder your search engine optimization efforts. 

Responsive design

There are many devices out there with differing screen sizes. No matter how someone is reading your website, it should offer a similar experience. Instead of putting a tremendous effort into complex animations and effects that may not work correctly on every device, it’s more beneficial to spend time enhancing UI and UX for everyone.

Responsive design principles will make your website user-friendly and offer an optimal experience on any desktop or mobile device.

Clean your code 

HTML text is much faster than graphical version, so there are many ways to do it even faster. Look for strange HTML within your coding, such as spaces, additional tags, and even empty spaces, which can increase the size of your files. Remember that less is more and use the default values for labels or delete them as much as possible. 

Compress images 

HD images are an excellent justification for how appearance can be misleading, especially in the professional design of websites. It is possible that one does not understand the space he occupies when creating a web design. By compressing your images before adding them to your website, you can cram a GIF or.JPEG image file to half its current size. You can also specify the size and weight of your images in HTML, which can reduce loading time significantly. 

Use thumbnails 

Thumbnails are an advantageous website design technique for e-commerce sites. Provide customers with a small, fast-loading image of your product and let them decide if they want to see a larger version of the image or not. 

Focus on page size 

Even if you follow all the tips mentioned above, the size of your page may be large enough to cause a slow response when all the components of your website are collected. Remember that less is usually more in the case of web designs and only use the content you need the most. The ideal size of the page is about 30 KB. 


When creating a web design for your business or created by a professional logo designer, make an extra effort to make sure your website has the speed your visitors need. That said, website design is vitally important to the success and life of a site. Reputable professionals in this field have the skills and resources to do a good job and build a great site, so the outlay is worth the investment.