Why Does Your Restaurant Need a Pizza Phone?


    You will almost likely get questions if you use the word. What distinguishes pizza phones from other phone models? Are they similar to the Juno hamburger phone in terms of how they operate? Though it may seem like a silly gimmick, the Clarity Voice PizzaPhone is a sort of service that will undoubtedly make your pizza shop, whether independent or a franchise, a big success. For pizza delivery services, this phone system will make it simpler to handle calls and address client needs.

    What Is Clarity Voice, Exactly?

    Prior to getting into our PizzaPhones, we must briefly describe our work. One of our specialties is helping companies of all sizes adopt and use VoIP systems for customer acquisition and retention. You may now make and receive calls from any place that has an internet connection (or an internet café) as a consequence of this development. Additionally, you may be sure that you won’t miss any calls since such data is saved on the cloud.

    What Motivated the Development of PizzaPhones?

    Using our PizzaPhones, we were able to determine how well-known selling and consuming pizza is. Sales of pizza will surpass $14 billion in 2020, even with the most modest predictions. If pizzerias are able to generate this much dough, the pizza must be pretty popular in America. While any progress is appreciated, some firms may need assistance in managing an unexpected rise in call traffic.

    Orders that are accurate or complete may arise from this. Your financial security is a top priority at Clarity Voice. We have folks here who have owned pizzerias in the past, so they know what it takes to manage a successful company like yours.

    The Use of PizzaPhones Has Several Benefits

    As was already said, it is possible to take many calls at once. PizzaPhones minimizes busy signals, encouraging customers to stay with you rather than go exploring with others. Customers’ background music and waiting room sound effects may be changed. Elevator music won’t divert their attention; instead, they’ll pay attention to your discounts and offers, giving you more time to respond.

    Any situation, including lost internet access and power outages, may be handled using PizzaPhones. Due to cellular failover, customers can contact you 99.99% of the time. Our IT team is ready to help in the rare event that a problem arises.

    Is there anything preventing you from requesting our assistance? Think about all the other companies we’ve helped, thousands of them! As you’ll see, several of them have achieved extraordinary success, and our PizzaPhones have even been adopted by well-known corporations. Among the many small and big companies that employ our services are Pizza Hut, Hungry Howies, and Pizza King.

    The prosperity of your business and the satisfaction of your customers are Clarity Voice’s top priorities. Unlike some of our competitors, we go above and above to fulfill your specific VoIP requirements. PizzaPhones is essential to your business.

    PizzaPhones may help you outperform the competition and retain your present clientele. Clarity Voice will take care of the intricacies so you can concentrate on creating the delicious snack that so many Americans like. One day, you may be able to compete with the biggest brands.